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Sheesham is the one of the most widely used wood in the furniture industry in Pakistan. Hayat’s 1870 proudly stocks one the largest inventory of sheesham in Pakistan, which enables us to undertake mega furniture production orders. We are also known for our use of exotic woods such as Burma Teak, American Walnut Cherry and Wange.

We ensure that our dry wood is thoroughly kilned, which makes our wood less subject to warping and checking. Our factory boost one of the latest production methods and machines which enables us to undertake most exquisite and intricate wood work. Our artisan’s are thoroughly trained and meticulously professional and known for their work at our factory and at sites.

Hayat’s ensures an impeccable finish for all furniture which are mostly in French polish in light, medium dark and we use imported (American) and well renowned Stains as well.Our pristine finishes in Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Rag and Roll, Crackle ,Chalk, Burgundy, Marbleised, natural Polish, Teak and Walnut Stains,Black lacquer and many more antique finishes come highly recommended by our patrons.

Craftsmen :

We employ the best carpenters, carvers, upholsterers and polishers. Our Marquetry, Parquetry, Mother of Pearl, Herringbone Designs and Brass-in-lay are done with superb finesse and we ensure a high quality finish.
Our Ormolu mountings are of original designs.The craftsmanship have been passed on from father to son and are proud employers of the 2nd and 3rd generation.

Finishes :

We impeccably finish all our furniture in French polish. We’ve set aside a 32 step process to achieve the rich arm rubbed oil patina.

Standard finishes :

We use the purest shellac to create a finish found on the finest pieces of period furniture, in light, medium and dark.