About The Brand

The Brand

Hayat’s Tradition has been the hallmark of design excellence and quality for more than a century. Hand craftsmanship, loyal to detail with immaculate finishes and custom selected materials are combined to create furniture with a classic sensibility in form, finishes and functions.

Hayat’s Since1870 offers a wide array of furniture designs, ranging from oriental carvings of yore to contemporary classic pieces embodying the modern lifestyle.

At Hayat’s our aim is to create an ambiance that blends seamlessly with our clients taste while complementing their personal style.
Hayat’s ethos is simple: provide our clientele with the complete lifestyle design for their home. We handpick some of the most beautiful pieces of ceramics that perfectly compliment your coffee table, bed set or book-shelf while bringing your home to life. Our team collects some of the most exquisite paintings and photographs; that can turn any hallway, wall or surrounding into a world of color and panache.
Hayat’s is home to some of the most exquisite rugs, passionately hand woven by artisans, who remain pioneers of this ancient art. We believe in the transformative powers of tasteful interior design that define sophistication of modern chic living. From plush luxurious pieces of furniture to carpets that appeal to the aesthetically inclined, we at Hayat’s provide you with the best and most luxurious collection that your home deserves.